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I haven't read through this thread so forgive me if it has been mentioned already, but a suggestion I have is that the dashboard screen in the android application show the number of locked and unlocked networks as one of the items being counted. :mrgreen:

Postby wiggler81 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:34 pm

vI'd like to see the option to be able to log inside a building without needing a sat lock. We could have a button that would register a building location and then just use that building coordinates to log all the wifi inside it. We could have the option to have a "Building Mode" where we could just log on which floor we are, once we re-establish sat lock wigle wifi would go back to normal mode. The algorithm for "Building mode" would be:

Press building button:

Sat lock? Yes/No

If yes: Building Mode on standby until sat lock lost
If no: Building Mode with last good sat lock

When in Building Mode:
Floor button: Enter floor #
If Reacquire Sat lock: ask to leave Building Mode--> if no update altitude if yes --> Use last good sat

I think this would be a fun option to have. Constructive criticism welcome.

Postby uhtu » Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:59 am

you don't need a button. it already does this automatically. for free.
c.f. https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... .java#L781
Very nice, didn't know that wigle andoid app did this kind of location "caching".

I think I should implement something similar in kismet...
1. Is it possible to add a USER definied field in the database? An EXTRA field, where I can put ANY info about a network. Like a description field.

2. Sometimes I want to find a network in my town, a Uniqe SSID. It would be very nice if the wigle tool could alert me with an audio alert, when I found the network.

I mean I upload a file to the phone with SSIDs and wigle client alerts me with an audio sound if any of them is nearby.

(sorry for my bad english)
I'd love to be able to view all of the database entries on the map at the same time, right now you can only view "New" and "Run and New".
:D :D :D

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Feature idea:

A lot of people get all panicky if they can't upload, or their uploaded data is in a queue that appears to be stuck for hours or days, and leave "help" messages on the forums. And it all turns out to be server maintenance, or maybe even a new bug on the parsing/processing!

The web site's Info tab is a good place to look at the health of the system, but I think a simple health indicator on the front page would be useful.

Notification on the Web site showing:
a) BLUE: server maintenance in progress (manually controlled) - server down, limited web site function, etc.
b) uploaded file process queue is backlogged (queued number is unusually high, etc.) and
i) GREEN: situation is still normal, just a slow, time consuming process catching up with all the uploaded files
ii) YELLOW: corrupted, manipulated, or unparseable file(s), dealing with the fallout (and maybe for fun, a "blame" username for repeat offences)
iii) RED: something is definitely wrong, queue is genuinely stuck, and the database server needs a kick, but the world isn't ending if nobody gets to it right away

or something similar or a better idea built on this.

Notification on the Android APP, etc. showing a similar status as the web site, maybe pushed to the app whenever a file is uploaded.

Cause for Suggestion:
It seems the android app only reports the gps location where a network is first detected within a run, rather than the location where signal is strongest within that run. I remember standing right on top of my router so the signal was like -30 or so and that didn't get recorded because I didn't start my run on top of the position.

Is it possible to change the android app to update gps positions of a point if the signal strength is stronger than previous observations.

Also, when the Upload is ran in the app, it should report the locations of the readings where the signal was strongest for each network.

Thank you.
The pull request has been judged "awesome" and incorporated; thank you for making WiGLE WiFi Wardriving better!


-The Whole WiGLE Team
I'd love to be able to view all of the database entries on the map at the same time, right now you can only view "New" and "Run and New".
I use the web map for seeing all database mapped, but it would be very convenient to see in the app map. Is this a difficult thing (for you, not me)?
We actually support the map tile "overlays" to show the dots for the network in the client - but downloading and display all individual networks as clickable, detailed records because prohibitive very quickly with mobile device processor, battery, storage, and mobile data limits. We're looking at ways to give people more access to data from map tile to network information in both the web and mobile maps - watch these forums as the experiment starts getting interesting!

Cheers, and thanks for your suggestions
Awesome app, so only some minor ones...

1. Can the background on the Dashboard and Network List views be changed to a "pure black", to increase the contrast, improve (?) battery life on AMOLED screen devices? Those are the pages I use the most on a run but same applies to the other views with that old neutral gray background.

2. Is it possible on the Network List view to indicate which networks are new (to the local database) networks detected on that run? It is frustrating to see the count go up but not know which was the new one.

3. I find scan speed can be quite variable between devices and during a run. This has an often significant impact on the number of networks detected in dense areas and wondered if the scan speed ("x scanned in y" on the Network List) could be shown on my normal "run" screen the Dashboard. That figure of merit would seem more useful most the time than say a DB Queue figure and show the phone was still scanning.
Great notes, Phlik

1. we've actually received a lot of requests for a "night-vision" mode which would include a pure-black background - Google keeps flirting with the concept of building a night vision mode into the OS, and we've been holding off to avoid duplication of effort. If they keep not-doing it, maybe we should just introduce a themes system and be done with it.

2. great suggestion, added to list. We've also considered dynamic signal strength graphs behind the items; those network displays are due for an overhaul.

3. Added to the feature queue!

We appreciate the feedback, and as always, pull requests are very welcome!
Here's one I've been hoping for... Android Wear compatibility:
A watch app that will open the app, start/pause scanning and upload. Basically the same items as the phone service notification, but with the addition of opening the phone app from a watch.

Winter means phone's under a huge coat, I really don't want to have to dig it out to start scanning :mrgreen:

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