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Postby d2k2 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:49 am

PERFECT, got the update today, and now it looks also on the S4 as it should! :D

The new update is really good. Now it updates the information on already seen networks.

Postby kbuss » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:54 am

Hi I posted a problem with galaxy s3 in the newest release topic, so I won't double post but Plz check.

Also reading through this topic I still don't understand why can't we browse the online database in the app even if with some workaround, like dling a csv database for your city or something...

I think it's bit awkward that exactly those ppl who map it, can't have easy access to it on their phone, for like locating nearest free wifi etc. Thx for answer, cheers :-)

Postby uhtu » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:59 am

the fastest workaround is of course, to click the "Chrome" icon on your android, and then type in wigle.net!
Could the Scan On/Off toggle be added to the Dashboard tab?

I prefer using the Dashboard view but I like to toggle scanning when going into parking lots and it's somewhat cumbersome to have to switch back/forth with List view a few times.
Reasonable, added to todo.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
I'm using the wardrive app now for several days when travelling by train.
The train and my co travelers have hotspots and the app keeps finding them as new. Looking at the .csv file I find the same mac-address up to 6 times as first seen.
Is it true that it only checks the DB for new wifi ? and does not check the recently new (several minutes back).

It would be nice if when you export to *.kml, you could see the signal strength of each access point by clicking on it.

Sorry for my bad english and thank you!
The data export is logging all the observations, so you will see the same bssid (mac address) multiple times. The "new" stat is unique to the bssid, so if you see it once, then see it again with a device with the same wiglewifi.sqlite db, it will not show up as new.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
How about a setting to allow for selection of another Data export folder...
I don't know if I am the only that has this problem, but I have automated FTP fetch functions to harvest all my pics/gpx and files off of all the devices and keep them clean-ish. But no matter what I try I can not ftp the wigle folder without getting 0 Byte files.. but if I copy the files to my 'data' folder they come down fine..
This may have already been suggested, I will admit, I didn't get a chance to read through this entire thread. (Sorry for any redundancy)

I have been a long time user of wigle. Originally starting with the desktop client on windows, and switching over to Android as soon as I got my phone. I love the app and the new improvements are great. However there has been something I have been searching for but have yet to find an easy way to accomplish it on my phone.

I would like to see a feature that allows me access to the webmaps (on the website) through the Wigle Android App on my phone. This feature would be great if it allowed me to see both wifi points discovered by me (for all time, not just what is in my local DB), as well as the ability to see quickly if anyone else has scanned any wifi points in that area. You see, I have a horrible memory, and when returning to areas I haven't been recently, I can never remember which routes I have scanned, compared to routes that I or others haven't traveled before. I really think this could increase the number of new points that drivers bring in, giving them an easy way to see lesser traveled areas.

Now I realizes this feature would increase the amount of data requests being sent back to the website. So I think it should be added in way that allows a user to pull local access point data in a set radius based on gps position, on a minimal refresh frequency. For instance, maybe every 5 minutes, I am aloud to make a request that will pull a database of points within a 10 mile radius, and store it as a temporary local database on my phone.

With the current implementation, I am only able to see the past X number of points I have discovered on my map. Even allowing me access to my local database displaying ALL the points in a certain radius would be incredibly more useful then just showing my last 1000 points.

Just some food for thought. Don't know if this sort of thing is feasible or possible. However, as a heavy user of the app, it's something I'd personally find very useful!
As a newbie to wigle clients on any device, I have to say first and foremost that I apologize if I inquire about something that is just obvious. I'm mostly inquiring before I'm suggesting, because I simply don't know what options exist or how to use the program fully. I only bring this here because I didn't see any of this kind of information in the FAQ or WIKI.

My first inquiry about the wigle wifi for android is this: Is one able to display the whole of the current local database? That is, if one does three different runs on three different days is it possible from the android app to display all of the collective data in list or map mode without doing a specific query from the local db? I've played with the SQL query but without knowing the SSID or the BSSID it seems fairly limited as the wildcard only seems to return a limited number of entries. If this isn't currently an option I would like to suggest it.

My second inquiry is this: Is there a way to remove entry data from the local db before uploading? I ask this because I noted on the wigle website that it is directly stated that the administration will remove any AP data at request. If, for instance, I have several networks' connection information on my android device whos APs do not send beacons and have hidden SSIDs, normally wigle would make no record of this network (to my knoweldge, at least), but because my device is automaticly authenticating to these networks wigle records the APs data. I may not wish to upload this data. It would make more sense for me, at my level, to remove the data before it is uploaded than it would to upload the data and request that data removed every time I intend to do an upload. I can imagine the administrative headache of this, so I can't imagine that this option isn't already in place.

Thank you for your time and endulgence
Hello, I'm a new user of WigleWifi Android.

I noticed that the french translation need a lot of improvements.
I wish to provide them, how to do it (how to get the main file) and where to send it ?

Postby uhtu » Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:36 pm

fork on github, send a pull request with your fixes.
Is it possible to integrate an option to automaticly stop scanning in a small radius around my own house ( to avoid updating "last seen timestamp" of my own gear everyday). ..?

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