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Postby Bryce » Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:28 am

Hi guys,

I've been trying to query some data through JiGLE and have run up against some problems that I suspect may have to do with rate limiting. Basically I've been applying a hack to JiGLE similar to that described at to pull down data for specific geographic regions of interest. That is, I've been creating my own .mappack file and then using the generated .autocache files (in the ./WiGLEnet/data directory) in my external scripts outside of JiGLE. Here is an example .mappack file I've created:




The problem I've been having though is that JiGLE seems to be hit or miss about creating the .autocache files, or for that matter, the ./WiGLE directory that they reside in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Not creating the ./WiGLE directory also coincides with not having JiGLE display the points visually. JiGLE didn't seem to provide any obvious clues as to what was going wrong - it still reported the data as "loaded" - so I had a bit of a dig into the java source.

In the java source (version 0.8.0), on line 832 of file "", I saw that "System.out.println( "inputline: '" + inputLine + "'" );" had been commented out, which I assume had been used for debugging purposes. Best I can surmise from working through the code, this is the line that displays to the console what returns over the wire back to JiGLE. So I uncommented it. What I now see in the console when I run the program (through Eclipse) is:

inputline: '<b>An Error has occurred:</b><br>too many queries <p> Please go back and try again.<p>'
inputline: '<b>An Error has occurred:</b><br>too many queries <p> Please go back and try again.<p>'

So this to me seems to indicate that rate limiting has been applied, and that JiGLE simply doesn't notify of this fact in its regular GUI. *BUT*, if I go to the website, log in with the same account, and just do some random query (e.g. a query for SSID "Johnny"), *it returns results*. So this has me wondering, are the URLs that JiGLE uses to query rate limited independently of the URLs that the query interface uses? Are there any guidelines we can work off of to ensure we're not rate limited, regardless of whether it be through JiGLE or WiGLE?

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Bryce.
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