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Hi guys, I've been using Wigle on android for a year or two now and decided to get a KML out to look at "where I've been" in Google Earth- Only once I got it opened it only showed the results from my last road trip. No matter, I thought, I've restored this tablet from scratch a few times, so the DB must have gotten blown away at some point. I had the Wigle client import observed networks, and tried again, but this still didn't get my older uploads (from the states where I used to live, so it's easy to see what's missing)

Am I misunderstanding what the Import feature actually does, or which DB entries get put into the KML?
same here. had to reset my nexus7 and thought i could just import my observed networks from the website.
the local wifi count matches the one on the personal stats page. but the networks are not to be found via query or even present in a kml-export.
is it somehow possible to get my old data back in my local wigle wifi installation? pleeeeaaaase! :(
I'm having the same problem.
I lost the files on the sdcard.
I "imported" my networks, but it only imports the BSSID and location, nothing more.
Can't export on CSV
And the KML doesn't have name or capabilities.

I deleted again, because it would be more useful nothing at all (and start over again) than half-data.

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