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I recorded a run today where the GPS went crazy half way through (points many :D hundreds of miles off.)

I don't want to upload these points. Is there any way to avoid this? If I record a new run then upload, this run will also get uploaded, right?

How can I remove them from my local database?

Is there a way to remove these bad data points from WiGLE's database, as well as my local database? I have a similar problem. I live in California, but for some reason I have a straight line of points several hundred miles out into the Pacific.
We can usually filter out when the gps has gone haywire, could you send us some transids for these? We might be able to heuristically kill them.
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Here are the bad data points from a run earlier today. This doesn't seem to be a huge problem on my end of things, as wildly inaccurate points only are recorded occasionally (and seem to update to a better location with repeat observations). If there's anything I can to avoid uploading this junk data to WiGLE in the first place though, let me know.
bad data points from recent run
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My GPS Lost signal and began to drift several miles while I was in a shopping mall about a month ago. I no longer have the actual database files since I have since formatted my phone (I do not have a backup either). I do, however, have a map screenshot showing where the drift happened (it looks like a line). I circled the area of drift in magenta. Not sure if anything can be done about it, but I figured I'd post it in case someone could. I'm glad to contribute to the project and pretty much always have the app running when I'm out and about.

map screenshot bounds:
lat: 40.8454 to 40.9116
lon: -73.2328 to -73.0654
bad data.jpg
GPS drift bad location data
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Not sure how big that drift is, but it makes me wonder with the recent news of fbi/Cia flying cell towers around in aircraft. Is wigle detecting that, and if so are they discounting the data?
It's just drift from poor signal. It tends to happen when I'm in a building with a lot of metal and reinforced concrete.

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