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I don't know how the situation is in other regions of the world, but my city lately installed free wifi hotspots in public transport buses. On my latest walking trip alone I have detected about six of these nets, and other users apparently encountered them too as I see in query (query ssid "wifi_w_autobusie"). Is it possible to delete all of these nets as they are not relevant because they are not stationary and will clutter the map in random places where a bus goes near you? Does US/UK/Germany/whatever place also have wlan in buses? if yes, will wigle set exceptions for this kind of stuff?

Also interested in the resolution.

That is a good example - other examples include smartphones running a WiFi tether or miniature 3G/4G modems that operate a WiFi hotspot.

My thoughts on a solution would be to have some kind of algorithm that'll mark an access point as mobile after determining the location has moved significantly a number of times - possibly with a combination of determining the MAC address is used by a vendor who produces such devices.
Agree this would improve the quality and value of the data. There are a number of possible criteria that could be applied, perhaps with weightings, to show whether an AP is mobile or not.

I think there is also room for some similar inteligence working out when an AP has moved permanently, eg when someone moves house and takes it with them. This could allow the database to ignore older locations once the new location has been confirmed a few times, rather than interpolating between old and new locations. This might also help deal with erroneous GPS fixes.
A good idea. I see that Mozilla has a stumbler app that filters out mobile nets based on both MAC address and on net name. Having accurate data is more important than having the largest database.
that depends entirely on what you're trying to do, and what it means to have seen a wireless signal at a point in space and time.

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