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I would like to contribute to WiGLE by using the android app on my phone. But I have a few questions I can't find answers to.

1) Does the app report networks with hidden or non-broadcast SSIDs?
2) If the app knows the SSID of an otherwise hidden network only because I have given the SSID and password to my phone (like my private home network), what is the behavior of the app in this situation?
3) Is there any way to make the app not report specific networks, or certain classes of networks? (I poked as thoroughly through the app settings as I could and found no obvious way)
I don't understand what you mean about certain classes of networks. The app will report anything and everything it sees. Open, WEP, WPA, your own network. Who cares what it will report as WiFi is being radiated in the public. If someone wanted to be secure they would never use WiFi.
Hidden SSID gives a false security sensation, but in fact are less secure than broadcast ssid.

Wigle uses android API for detecting networks. It doesn't probe for them, it just listens and scans the visible networks. That means it will not record hidden SSID networks.

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