can I pay to get around query limit?

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Hi, I'm doing some research and need to do more queries on the wigle database than the current limit. Would it be possible to pay a fee to get around the limit? Whom can I contact about that? I've tried sending email to but have not gotten any response. Alternatively, what would be the cost of getting a license for the (partial) database that is mentioned in the FAQ. Thanks for your response.

Did you ever manage to get a response/solution for this?

I'm conducting research also and the query limit is meaning the research can progress

Sent an email to the admin but not sure whether they'll reply or not
We are happy to help out folks doing research projects. wigle-admin[at] is the email address to hit.
-bobzilla - just a little bit
Thanks for the free help offer from you. I will surely contact you in future for my help.

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