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Postby Wifi2000 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:29 pm

I have had the app running constantly for the past few days and it's still searching for that gps, I have tried everything from uninstalling the app and delteting the folders to reinstalling and have everything look for location (Gps,3G,Wifi) but nothing, is the app dead on android devises? I use a nexus7 with the lateest wigle update.

Postby uhtu » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:11 am

wiglewifi works fine on the nexus 7 (my platform of choice.)

make sure you see

and make sure you're outside when you try and get a fix.

Postby urizen » Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:57 am

Works fine for me on both my Android devices. As uhtu notes, you need to be outside (or at least near a big window!) so you phone can "see" enough satellites to get a fix.

The only problem I've noticed is that getting a fix seems to take a longer if I turn Wigle on while I'm already travelling at high speed. But I don't think we can blame Wigle for that. :)

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