How can I see a map with only SSID of foobar?

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I'm on's front page. I'd like to find the locations of all SSIDs named foobar. So I type foobar in the SSID blank. Then I click the Filter button. I expect all dots on the map to disappear, except for those dots with an SSID of ABC. Instead, the map doesn't change. What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: I've tried the Android app as well, and I can't get an SSID-filtered map.
You can of course manually query, but I just tested the filtered display from the "View" button and it worked fine in my Chrome.
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thanks for your reply. I tried again. But this time, I tried a different SSID. It worked. I then tried with the original SSID, and it still didn't work. Why? I'm almost certain it's Wigle can't filter SSIDs that begin with the hashmark (e.g. #foobar).

Dear Wigle developer, could you please fix this bug?

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