Strategies to get complete area coverage ?

Suggestions for WiGLE/JiGLE/DiGLE

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do you have sample flyer that we could distribute to recruit more people for the project ?

If we could get a few taxi drivers on the project we could quickly get complete area coverage in cities.

If you have ideas on how to "sell" them the project I could translate in french.

A postman is much better. He/She goes to everywhere also into larger houses.
I asked one postman to use Android client to gather wifi APs.
Taxi driver, postman, bus driver, truck driver, Bicycle messengers / bike or cycle couriers, Policman,
I made a tutorial / translation in my language about the android software on a free website builder page and then linked it on a few forums.

Try to find a forum where postmen are and ask them to use client.
Make a tutorial how to set up the software.

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