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Postby wiggler81 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:27 pm

I'd like to see the option to be able to log inside a building without needing a sat lock. We could have a button that would register a building location and then just use that building coordinates to log all the wifi inside it. We could have the option to have a "Building Mode" where we could just log on which floor we are, once we re-establish sat lock wigle wifi would go back to normal mode. The algorithm for "Building mode" would be:

Press building button:

Sat lock? Yes/No

If yes: Building Mode on standby until sat lock lost
If no: Building Mode with last good sat lock

When in Building Mode:
Floor button: Enter floor #
If Reacquire Sat lock: ask to leave Building Mode--> if no update altitude if yes --> Use last good sat

I think this would be a fun option to have. Constructive criticism welcome.
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