Why am I getting "Search failed" error message?

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Why am I getting "Search failed" error message on search page?

Is there a limitation on the search query?
Is it possible that my IP is banned or limited for a specified time?
I am experiencing the exact same behavior.
I created my account and went for a 'test drive' using the search.
After some searches (about 10) I keep getting this "Search failed" pop-up, leaving me clueless 'why'.
This is when searching BSSID and/or SSID

edit: when using "Network Detail" and search for an existing BSSID a valid resultset is returned.

edit2: after about 5 succesfull searches with existing BSSID's also the Network Detail search starts spitting "detail search failed"
I think we have a quota of about 70 queries per day. For newbies it maybe only 10. Maybe it depends on how many new APs did you find and upload. Just guessing.
After we reach this number it will return "search failed" error message, and you must wait 24 hrs to search again. But I am not sure.

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