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I am kind of new to wigle, I uploaded around 2000 new points with Android app, I find it interesting.
I did notice some things that I think can be improved, I may be wrong on some:

The watermark on the map images "" looks too similar with an access point marking/text. Can't that watermark be made a faded gray just to be visible but less intrusive ?
Because I assume the purpose is to identify any map image usage as coming from and NOT a brand promotion purpose (like a large ad).

The map images delivery is very slow from Europe, I see images come from , I don't think that is optimal; you could:
- deliver them from a domain without cookies like
- use a caching server on that same domain
- use a faster server like nginx for images domain
- deliver images from 2-3 servers like and auto-detect or let user select their closest region.
- quickest way but more expensive, setup a content delivery network for it, like Amazon Cloud Front and just deliver them from'
- I think with current setup the map images are not cached in browser, I remember I fixed this once for one of my sites and made a huge difference on server load, server traffic and load speed for user.
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