New WiGLE map´s uploaded to Wikimedia? (current ones are from 2007)

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im trying to write/update the wikipedia article for WiGLE, and found the map files from bobzilla: ... Europe.png

(there is the US and the world also)

but they are from 2007.

When looking on the Map they are now much! more crowded.

So it would be great if there are this Images again uploaded but with the current data.

It would show quite impressive how the world has changed in the last 11 years (in terms of WiFi...)

Any chance to get this Images?

here is the german wikipedia entry i made:

i would still like to update it with a fresh map picture :)
Group TRON is searching for users.
That should have been "Bobzillawoot!!!" As he was the original uploader...
hey, still a chance to get new maps? :)
The problem here is that the whole code line that made these nightly "overview" maps has been removed from production; we don't have to generate our own world maps or Geo tiles anymore (other people do that really well), and our new overlay generator isn't plugged into any whole-world context at that res. The previous version used a lot of memory, even with half the points; we couldn't just dust it off without provisioning a new machine and doing a multi-day load!

We'll see what we can do.
ok, maybe a screenshot from the current map?

something like this?
my_screenshot19.png (228.14 KiB) Viewed 28683 times
we're aware that Wikimedia isn't super fond of the logo-inclusion - that many "WiGLE.NET"s might run afoul of the policy.
Quick question: is anyone aware of a high-quality "Web Mercator" projection SVG world map we could use in building a rasterized nightly map replacement? We'd like to use the same projection system as the existing maps for simplicity of rendering.



EDIT: free-to use, non-commercial, so the rasterized output would be suitable for inclusion, of course.
I did a quick edit to remove the logos if this helps - the file appears to be too big to upload here so I've posted it on pixeldrain - it will be available for 100 days.
We're looking into restoring this functionality, but it will probably take us a little while to arrange this - any interim solutions are ok by us!
here we go - globe image generation resurrected in a new and far more efficient form! should update automatically every day.

The coastlines and grids are generated using Flex Projector (, so if people have suggestions for tweaks to the projection, I'd welcome implementation feedback!
giving this a bump, since we can't upload it ourselves!
took a bit, but the new files are now included in the german and english wiki article:

it shows how the network has grown in the last years 8)

(the en article was done by wikipedia user "Dirt")

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