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Postby NW » Sat May 23, 2020 12:56 pm


I've been digging through multiple ways to convert my wardriving runs to send my GPS traces to OpenStreetMap.


Here's a Bash script to convert WiGLE Wifi Wardriving's CSV files into GPX (based on this thread) :

You'll need gpsbabel. Then, put the script in a folder containing all your csv files and run it.

The script barely sanitizes inputs. It will remove bogus entries which have an altitude set to 0.

Kismet's GPSXML -> GPX

If you're using Kismet, this Python script will convert your trace to GPX. This is almost the same script given in WiGLE's "Uploads" section, with minor adjustements : now it's working with Python 3 and it doesn't crash if the altitude is missing / incorrect.

Bulk GPX upload to OSM

There's a functional Perl script here to help you upload all your runs at once: ... ous_tools)

You can set the visibility of your traces to "Trackable" or "Private" to send anonymous traces, more information here.

Kismet's NETXML -> KML

To open your run with Google Earth, this script should work. Note that Google Earth can also read GPX. ... 8fc13e180b

Map viewers

If you don't want to use Google Earth, here are two cross-platform tools to visualize your runs.

GPXSee: good tool, basic but it does the job very well -

GpsPrune: oldish interface but it works, has a lot of features:

Both are still actively maintained as of May 2020.

Feel free to share other tools!

Postby arkasha » Sat May 23, 2020 5:29 pm

hey, thanks for the great overview. Does our GPX export in the app itself get the job done?

we'd certainly welcome a PR to upload GPX directly to OSM if someone has the time to put it together!

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