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I’m a long time member and a first time forum poster. Please be aware, I’m not an expert and I do not claim to be. So take my suggestions with a grain of salt and please don’t be offended. :roll:

My question lies with seemingly not being able to find networks based on which part of the radio spectrum they were discovered to be using.

For example; I’m looking for the ability to see which networks use 5GHz as opposed to 2.4GHz, expressed as a ratio.

The reason why I say “seemingly not being able to” is because there might be some features that I’m currently unaware of. Or maybe some external tools or scripts to be used in conjunction with Wigle’s data which might give the desired result.

Might I make a suggestion (if easy enough) to include such a feature within the statistics page?

For me, the deciding factor for upgrading my Android device (I use it for Wigle WiFi Wardriving only) to a Dual-banded WiFi model would be to see how many 5GHz networks there are as opposed to 2.4GHz. IE; if there are a large number of 5GHz networks being discovered on Wigle, it might be worth making the purchase. :D
That's a good question, but there's a lot of nuance beyond a simple percentage answer; it depends on the location, when it was covered, and by whom. We've avoided making blanket statistics about it because it's so equipment-sensitive and because it would require significant work to figure out how to organize and query it quickly enough and present it in a useful manner.

The "channel" coloring mode on the map might act as a good proxy for your answer - blue is 2.4GHz and the orange-to-pink range is 5GHz.


Thank you for your response.

The channel coloring feature of the map helped my decision quite a bit. At this stage upgrading to a dual-band phone would currently serve quite well and even better into the future. :)

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