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I have gathered data using multiple android devices. It seems that the import observed function works only for the nets seen with the current device.
Any ideea how to import all data from all devices onto a single device?essay writer
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you can select individual uploads from other devices that have finished processing in your uploads page - tap the status to download and integrate. There isn't a bulk command for this yet (since the server overhead is significant we need to "paginate" a bulk import of this nature), but we're open to pull requests on github!

These uploads can be identified with a green "right side" and a grey "left side":
one note: importing all your points onto one device will ultimately slow down your stumbling performance as the DB gets big; we recommend hoarding them in a central repository on a non-mobile device if you want to be able to make better use of them and still keep finding new nets at a good clip! (SQLite DB performance on recent phones is remarkable, but the bigger the database gets, the slower it moves). Especially with older devices, you'll start seeing performance degradation around .25m - .5m nets.


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