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Postby raytaylor » Sun Dec 27, 2020 1:56 am

I would like the app to run in the background using an utmost minimal amount of battery, then when the charging cable in my car is plugged in, for it to start scanning, and stop again when it is unplugged.
I am a delivery driver so it is plugged in most of the time during the day but unplugged outside the 9-5 workday and i would like to keep the app running on my phone long after the novelty wears off so i can keep doing this for the next year or longer.
Solved - Using an external app called automate viewtopic.php?t=2707

Also it would be helpful to show streets that havent been covered in the last X months - a setting that i can choose on the app.
That way if i need to go somewhere, I could choose to take a specific route that hasnt been scanned recently.
Solved - in the settings you can select a year for the map. Only SSID'd found since that year will show, so you can see which empty streets need driving.
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Postby grim0us » Sun Dec 27, 2020 5:43 pm

Check out Tasker ... n_US&gl=US and intents viewtopic.php?t=2707

Can't help with the maps

Postby arkasha » Mon Dec 28, 2020 1:48 am

detail on how to start/stop the app, upload, and pause/resume scanning in this thread:


Packages like tasker include geofencing and power dis/connection events. Pausing scanning uses almost no battery. Running the app in the background and using large scan intervals can decrease battery usage significantly.

For the maps, use the settings to enable map tiles - if you want to see where no one has driven, select "All", to see where you've driven, select "Mine." You can select your own time threshold at a yearly level for the tiles, to avoid marking "stale" areas as driven.

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