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Postby Midimaker » Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:45 am

Hello team

I've known my devices have been compromised for some time now, but have been unable to determine the how and why. New devices work fine on the first boot, then show small inconsistencies, and finally end up looking like a gameified parody of what they should.

This has been especially evident when applying for Jobs or engaging in social media; when on one occasion someone stood next to me (and the followed me as I moved away) whilst speaking on the telephone; the content of his conversation was a word for word recitation of a job application I'd submitted a day before.

How can wigle help?

I live in London and was shocked to learn that my upload contained 56 WiFi 40 Bluetooth and 2 cell towers new to wigle out of 58w, 40b and 6c seen.

It's the ratio of these new to known networks that interests me, and suggests a possible source of my issues. Analysis of the 2 known WiFi networks to wigle, as well as the two new cell towers would possibly reveal an answer, especially considering the issues I've seen with DNS resolution, data leaking, and information consistency from webpages.

It's hard to prove a device is compromised especially when those compromising it have a vested interest in preventing it from being found; but you offer possible hard evidence.

Thank you for the service it's a great app
Of special interest is how, when the list is sorted by time found, observed networks come and go from what should be a time locked list.

It could have serious implications for reporting integrity. Ice noticed timestamp issues on my windows systems recently too.

Again it makes investigation and research really hard :(
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Postby arkasha » Sun Jun 27, 2021 9:06 pm

I'm afraid we can't help with the larger problems of device security, although we encourage you to keep your devices up-to-date with patches and security releases, to avoid clicking on suspicious links, jailbreaking your phone, or 'side loading' applications.

Regarding networks in the list view of the WiGLE app that "come and go" - there's a checkbox in the "Settings" activity that allows you to disable "Show current networks only" - if this is checked (the application default), you're just seeing what's been recently detected - when unchecked, you'll get the "time locked list" you're expecting.



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