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Hi all! Thanks for the amazing app and great community.

As I usually wardrive in the dusk/evening hours, I am constantly fighting with the brightness of the display on my tablet when using the Map function in Wigle. It seems the default Google Maps display schema of light tan terrain and white streets is default and not easily changed. This wreaks havoc with night vison and visual street recognition, unfortunately.

So my questions are:

1) Is there a map dark mode? I can't seem to find it and I am perfectly happy with saying I am an idiot for not seeing the option.

or 2) Is there an option to change map app providers, say, to OsmAnd/OsmAnd+ where I can set up my own night mode schema?

Thank you again for the great product!

A very happy Wigler,
To #1 above, I have tried high contrast mode in Android and honestly it is worse than normal mode. Black streets on a black terrain with a very small anti-aliased grey line for the street borders makes it all dang near invisible.
in response to this thread:

1. you'll note that the app (apart from the map) now obeys Android's day-night theming options - this means we're to the point where we can begin working support for day/light sensitive map themes. As always, pull requests are very welcome for the open-source client at https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi-wardriving !
2. the problem with using OSM in the client was the need for a tile server, not the client implementation; we maintained one for a while, but care and feeding became prohibitive. Looking into the new infrastructure/setup for this is on the list of projects we'll undertake "someday!"

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