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pick up a Huawei android phone "m865" type, any company, on ebay for cheap.

I bought a lot of five for $35 just to get the batteries for the phone I already have not too long ago. Having a couple extra batteries is awesome when warwalking!

It's Huawei, so when you drop into airplane mode, it's a safe bet there's no NSA listener waiting for commands from the cellular towers.. =D just reactivate wifi and gps from the slider and you're ready to wigle. In airplane mode, nothing crashes or lags Wigle unless you set the GPS update faster than every half second or so.

No data + no wifi autoconnect saved + Huawei = no intrusions to screw you up.

I'm seriously considering using four at once in a semidirectional foil reflective antenna, to improve SNR by scanning front, back, left and right sides separately, while also improving location granularity. Just have to build the box, already have the cables 12V adaptor, and USB hub I'd need to power it...
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