Android App isn't mapping WiFis while driving: Rarely displays dark blue and light blue "balloons" while wardriving

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I had a Wileyfox Swift running Lineage OS Oreo, it was very good at it, but it had no 5 GHz.

Now I have a Nokia 6.1, which works appallingly with the official Wigle app. For riding about 30 minutes, it shows almost all WiFi detected as grouped in five or six places.
Is it running Android Pie?

Google has kneecapped WiFi scanning in Pie and has indicated they're going to eliminate it entirely, see this issue and star to tell them it's a problem.
Is it running Android Pie?
Yup, Android Pie.
yeah - that's the issue. let them know what we think of this limitation!

we figure most WiGLE users are pretty sophisticated, and we're *very* up-front about what we're doing.
I'm guessing Google angry about the surreptitious collection (and the related battery drain) some apps employ to monetize their userbase.

We're strongly in favor of an explicit permission "Use frequent network scans for research and location purposes" or something along those lines. Most apps won't need it, but folks like us, network site audit tools, and high-precision indoor positioning systems (that use RSSI, for instance) would benefit.



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