Cell counts major difference since 2.3.6 update

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I jumped onto the Beta track and upgraded to 2.3.6 from 2.31. Running on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935V) under Android 8.0.0, build R16NW.G935VVRS4CRG2.

Since the update, my cell numbers have been massively higher, to the point I'm doubting the numbers. Screenshot attached -- you can see where the upgrade occurred as all of the cell columns suddenly jump from a few per run to many HUNDRED per run. Normal behavior?

Let me know what other info you may need.
Wigle 2.36 S7 Edge Cell counts.png
Wigle 2.36 S7 Edge Cell counts.png (41.27 KiB) Viewed 8475 times
yeah, we haven't split BT out of cell yet in the stats! watch this space for news as we correct it (and your stats)
Aha, that makes sense. Lots of BlueTooth out there to snarf up. Thanks for the clarification.

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