Total distance , copied DB to new phone lost

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Any way to get total distance i used the wigle app from the wigle website between a specified date?

and in the future, how do i preserve total distance value when i copy the wigle folder from my android device to another, its just not there in a new phone.

thank you .
i'm sorry to say that we don't have a way to bring this over to a new phone at this point; since a lot of folks stumble with multiple devices (some old, some new), we didn't consider combining the stats for individual phones - just synchronizing observation/network data.

if you're an uploader, you can download the existing uploads as kml and write a script to re-assemble distance from observations, but that is error-prone in the extreme.
We've added GPX route export to the current client, but that's recent, and those aren't uploaded to WiGLE - just a convenience for users. GPX is also only accessible for runs after you have enabled the feature (to conserve disk space/privacy), so probably not helpful here.

interested in ways GPX export might be useful to folks - we'll add this to the list of potential applications.

Thanks and sorry we don't have a better solution right now.

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