i can't download the KML from my upload

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Hello, i Uploaded files on wigle and after a long processing, i'm not able to download the KML file , the transaction ID is : 20200901-00050
Can't you help me to solve this issue, please.

Thanks you.
Someone Can help me with this? I really would like to donwload this KML Files. Thanks you a lot
this is an extremely unorthodox file, but KML export should work.
Can you tell us

1. How you're trying to access to the KML file
2. what behavior you're observing?

I'll note that no visualization system we're aware of will be able to handle a KML file this large.

For the sake of privacy, please feel free to continue this conversation in private messages or in email via the wigle-admin[at]wigle.net admin address if that would allow you to share more detail.



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