Map not working (blank screen in android app)

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I am new to WiGLE so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I can not seem to get the in-app map working at all. The map on the website works, and I can see my uploads :)

Any info to help?

Thank you

in-app, the map shows your current efforts by default - this means the networks you can see right now from where you are. (blue pins for found networks, or aggregate "bubbles" if there are a lot of them).

If you want to turn on map overlays (showing networks logged from WiGLE), check out the map options in the Settings activity (if you're logged-in). We don't turn this on by default since the requests for map tiles can be a proxy for your location, and we're big believers in privacy by default. Note, you need a working data connection for this option.

You can also superimpose your "route" on the map as well, with the "Display routes for execution" option.


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