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Postby DavePratiwir » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:59 am

Using f-droid WiGLE version 2.10 on gt-i9082 Android 4.1.2
First there is no version number in the app, I have to go to f-droid to get it.
My main problem is when signing up I am told that I can change the donate data setting. I had difficulty with this and couldn't find it at all. There should be some indication of how to do this. In the end I made a new account and selected no donation. This needs to be clearer.
I at last found the app settings screen with donate data box and then wanted to donate a big run by car. This went fine but the bug is with the donate data selection box then vanishing. I don't know why this was or what would restore it, there should be some message if the box disappears - "donate data until sign out" or "donate and collect until next upload" or "reinstall app to stop donating". The settings screen shouldn't just have the box vanish. As I didn't know what to do I uninstalled then reinstalled, that worked but seems unnecessarily long. Also the lack of clarity and bug now incentivises me to always just leave the box unchecked, which isn't what I actually want.

What I would prefer would be for the app selection box status to be applied at upload and then the box still be there. I would also like to be able to checkbox the uploads page on the website to donate runs, and maybe see where they are on a map. I don't want to be able to uncheck them once donated, that wouldn't be reasonable. Some runs have a lot of points and little effort to collect so I want to donate. Other runs may be a lot of walking and effort to do in small lanes and paths, so I would only want them sold if I got some benefit, otherwise let them be free for everyone.

Postby arkasha » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:19 pm

Hi Dave,

Sorry, that's a combination of factors at play.
1. the donate flag was intended as an account-wide setting, rather than per-upload setting - we haven't included per-run donation, or added the ability to toggle it on and off on an ongoing basis.
2. the mobile client doesn't surface that as well as the website does - even registration in the client is just a webview from the site. I'll add it to the feature list.

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