CSV export missing leading zero in cell MNC

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Today I updated one of my phones (Moto G 4G) from version 2.29 to 2.31, which appears to have some changes for LTE.
I created a CSV export and did upload it (transaction ID 20180818-00806).
In more than half of the recorded cells, the leading zero is missing in the MNC ('2' instead of ' 02'). The SSID is also empty (probably because the lookup in mmcmnc.sqlite fails).

Example for old version 2.29:
20402_12800_112130839,*bliep,UNKNOWN;nl,2018-07-02 19:45:01,0,-113,52.53564372,6.05033683,46,3,GSM

Example for version 2.31:
20402_12800_112130839,Tele2 Nederland B.V.,LTE;nl,2018-08-18 18:34:05,0,-113,52.5319681,6.05592865,45,3,GSM
2042_12800_112130839,,LTE;2042,2018-08-18 18:34:11,0,-79,52.53187553,6.05626182,45,3,LTE
oh heck, good bug report - we're on it.
This is absolutely our mistake - we made some changes in 2.31 attempting to gather more cell info (both harvesting towers to which you're not connected as well as more metadata about them, such as LTE and WCDMA vs. GSM) - the upshot is that the API for that has integer return values up SDK28. We'll include a patch for this in the next release.

Thank you for the detailed report- it's made isolating this a breeze.


-ark and the WiGLE team
(hopefully) remedied in https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... g/pull/262

Thanks for the report, sorry for the inconvenience!

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