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Postby arkasha » Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:37 pm

i'd suggest scaling list size to available memory, but that seems to be the source of a lot of the crashes we get with Google's mapping library, so I'm a little skeptical. The list adapter infra from Android should go a long way toward mitigating that, but a giant hash of objects will get big no matter how efficiently you manage display. We could do some kind of clever view into the SQLite database, but that would probably be slower and more power intensive. ... g/pull/282

Is a big mess of improvements from the last few weeks - fixes BT scan disable issues (at least mostly), which can help with list length.
I need to start testing with "show current" off more - I find that unusable in a lot of practical contexts, but if we offer it, we should figure out how to make it work.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and help detecting and fixing bugs. The BT feature is a pretty massive change to the way the app does things, and we've found all kinds of interesting (and sometimes device-specific) corner cases.


Postby pejacoby » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:21 pm

Really looking forward to the BlueTooth tracking information becoming visible, although I'm curious how the maps are going to pan out.

Standing in the foyer of Costco for about 5 minutes yesterday (a busy Saturday), I watched my WigleWiFi Bluetooth count go from 100 to more than 500 as shoppers came and went with their smartphones and devices saying "Hi Howdy!" to my scans. That's a lot of data points I'll probably never see again, or that I'll meet again in some other quadrant of my city.

The constant motion of the Bluetooth dots is really a different world than the fixed-location APs we've populated so far!

Postby arkasha » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:05 pm

we're working on it!

we'll probably still find centroids for BT signals, but we'll also increase focus on the gold- and silver-lining concave hulls you can see when you select a network in basic search, or on the static google maps in networks search detail.



Postby Phlik » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:39 pm

As pejacoby says - I am interested to see how you geographically represent a "mobile" Bluetooth location. That centroid approach to me sounds misleading and perhaps just the strongest observation (if limiting it to a single point?) might be more informative.

With a weighted approach I can see "clouds of Bluetooth" appearing between locations where they are observed with similar received signal strengths. I think you can see it with the "cloud" for mobile WiFI APs with points between LA and SF, radial clouds in France between Paris and major French cities and the two large "smudged cloud of points" over central Africa and Southern India between US and Australia and Europe and Australasia respectively. (These are easily visible at certain zoom levels)

Bluetooth could be worse in creating these clouds between major cities where repeated Bluetooth observations of the same devices are prevalent?

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