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I recently dug up my old android wigle device(Samsung s4 running 5.1.1 unofficial CM rom). I updated wigle, authorised my account successfully and imported the observed datapoints to this device.

When I try to upload I get the message "Fail - Password not set and username not 'anonymous'".

All other online functions like rankings, user statistics and uploads history work, just not new uploads.

Using version 2.38 of the app.

Any pointers to debug this issue would be appreciated.
Checked the logcat output, and saw this. Doesnt give much info, but the authname matches what is displayed under identity settings:
Try de-authorizing and reauthorizing, see whether that fixes it for you!

keep us posted here!


Same issue here.

Android 9.

Deauthed and reauthed, no luck. Was working fine yesterday. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well.
Sorry about that - this was a service failure on our side (something our monitoring scripts didn't catch.) Should be working again.


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