Android Wigle doesn't see my network connectivity; refuses to behave.

Issues with the Android network detection software. Please include Software version, Android version, and device when reporting

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Hello again.

For the past few months, Wigle has been unable to communicate in the ways that I'm used to having Wigle communicate. It says it has uploaded my new networks, but everything else shows up like this:


Things that have happened betwixt the time that things worked like they always had for a ~decade and not working recently that might make a difference: I upgraded my phone to Oreo. I changed my launcher (more than once). It should go without saying that my network connectivity is fine.

Corrective measures so far: I've cleared Wigle's app data. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Wigle. All on my not-rooted device (a very stock flat Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S7, Verizon SM-G930V).

Things I'm willing to do to help solve this: Performing diagnostics of any sort that can be described to me. Allowing remote access to my phone so you good folks can drive and experience it yourselves. Running unverified applications from strange people.

Things that I'm not willing to do: Factory reset. Don't even go there; I know (and you know) how Android's process separation model works. I will not entertain this nonsense. It's just an app.

I like helping the project out, I even warwalk walking trails to help produce good data in unusual places, and I really find the trail-of-breadcrumbs views of where I've been on the Wigle maps to be really awesome for thinking back on my past.

In addition to mapping networks, Wigle is the best pedometer I've ever had. When it works.

How do we fix this?
this is a new one!

first: I promise we won't even suggest a factory reset. WiGLE's a userland app, and shouldn't be able to break anything outside of its own settings.

first: can you try deauthorizing and re-authorizing in the Settings screen? During the oreo upgrade, Google unintentionally prematurely retired a cipher suite that stranded the credentials encryption mechanism. This sounds like a likely first suspect.

Beyond that, making any net connection to WiGLE (except the news page, which is non-authenticated) and sending us a logcat (feel free to use PMs or should shed some light on what's failing.

Cheers, and sorry for the trouble.

-ark and the WiGLE team

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