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Postby unterjesingen » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:39 am

i am using a Huawei Mate 10 pro with Android 9.
What are the best time settings for finding/logging everything?
In the Hamburger menu there i can set 7 time-settings.

Currently i have:
1sec - Time standing still
1sec - Time slower than 8km/h
Nonstop - Time faster 8km/h
1sec - Time between GPS updates
1.5min - Decide Wifi is jammed
15sec - GPS timeout
30sec - Network location timeout

What is the meaning of the bold settings?

Sometimes it happens that the number of new wifis is standing still for 2-3minutes and then the number increaes by 20-30. Is this normal, that the app loggs everything in background and updates the GUI-number not in real time?

Sometimes i am driving through a "new" street and nothing gets logged/found. Is this the point "wifi is jammed" and is rebooting for 1.5min before something new can be found?

Thanks for all tipps.

Edit: Google says that in Android 9 (Pie) the the scans for foreground apps is limited to 4 Scans each 2 minutes.
And for background apps to 1 scan alle 30minutes.

If this is correct then it makes sense why i somethimes find nothing in new street...

So the best time settings for Android-Pie should 30sec for the three scan-states as faster is not possible.
If it is set to nonstop it will execute 4 scans very fast and do a 2min break doing nothing.
is this correct?

Anyone with the same problem?

Postby arkasha » Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:49 pm

unfortunately, we don't know of a way to improve scan speed beyond this on Pie right now.
We're engaging on all fronts to try and find a way to keep wardriving on android alive.

We haven't extended the same degree of configurability to Bluetooth yet, but it should be free from comparable limitations.
I am just activating now my old iphone 4S to check how this is working with the App.
:-( No app for iphone 4S.
Now plan B -> downgrade to Android 8.0

Postby arkasha » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:56 pm

unfortunately, Apple took away scan permission quite a while back.
You can find some of the Apple wardriving apps on Cydia, if your old phone is jailbroken.

OK, meanwhile i am back on Android 8.
But back to my first question:
Does a setting of "Nonstop - Time faster 8km/h" make sense? Or does this slow down anything?

Is it correct that the specified time here, is the time _between_ two scans = a time where nothing happens?
So if i am at a position where 100 wlans can be scanned which takes 5000ms then this time does have nothing to do with the time above?


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