Android App: Exit button in Hamburger menu is not working

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on a Huawei MAte 10 Pro when clicking the exit button in the Hamburger menu the app closes but is still available in the program list.
Is the the normal behaviour? What is the meaning of the exit button?
Currently i have to manually remove the app from memory.
this is a new one for us; since WiGLE uses a "service," we need an explicit "exit" to terminate both UI app and service; that menu item should do that.

Can you tell us what app version you're using?
There was an update yesterday which says:
I dont know which version it is now. But the update-list show this info:

New functions
*2.40-2.42 (02/28/2019)
Server-side network search
Magic (8) Ball Export
For your information:
Same problem with EMUI 8 after downgrading.
Pretty sure we'd have been kicked out of the Play store if we didn't exit correctly!
Can you tell us what you mean by the "app list?"


Exit stops the notification service, which also stops it being a Foreground app. The OS will keep the process around if it doesn't need the resources, just like anything else, it will not be in an active run state in the android app lifecycle. If you swipe the app away then the OS will kill the process itself.
-bobzilla - just a little bit

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