Is "list" view working ok ? map moving issue.

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Once moving by car, even at slow speeds, I select the "list" and look at the map. If I move a little screen scrolls and it's fine...once some seconds pass the "new" part of the map is not drawn and it's like I move into nothing. Cursor is always centered and SSIDs are displayed, eventually with baloons reporting total number, but streets and colors are completely missing. Is this a know bug or new ? Let me know how should I report this....screenshots, device info, logs, etc.
Thanks !
if you "swipe" the screen, you take over positioning control. You can tap the reticle icon (the crosshair) to re-establish dynamic updates, or switch tabs and switch back to maps to resume updates.
This is a common ui convention, since otherwise you'd end up fighting the GPS when you wanted to explore.

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