Crash in 2.54 uploading from android 4.4.4

Issues with the Android network detection software. Please include Software version, Android version, and device when reporting

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Hey Wigle crew,

Build 2.54 has a crash uploading from this samsung tablet SM-T217T running android 4.4.4. Rolled back to 2.53 and can upload with no issue. Please excuse my laziness in recreating the log files, I have screenshots attached of the crash logs.
While I understand the system is looong out of date, it still kicks the stuffing out of the other 5 much newer devices I run with, this guy's my heavy hitter. I'd love to keep it up to date if possible. Give a heads up if there's anything other info I can toss your way. Thanks all!
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good catch - boneheaded mistake by yours truly - OKHttp (the square-maintained HTTP library we use for API stuff) upgraded to min-SDK 21 / android 5, which broke our backward compatibility.
I've reverted the change here, it will be fixed in the next release. in the meantime, just keep stumbling, the upload will work again shortly, and no data will be lost on your side.

Thanks for the catch, sorry for the bug!


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