WiGLE location no longer runs in 'background'

Issues with the Android network detection software. Please include Software version, Android version, and device when reporting

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The build on F-Droid is outdated but I did find the APKs on GH if anyone else is looking for it.

https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... st/release

Edit: Seems to work. Instructions for keeping your settings when jumping builds since the signatures don't match (needs root)
move /data/data/net.wigle.wigleandroid somewhere else
uninstall the F-Droid 2.51 version
install the GH version
move over the backup's .sqlite files in Databases and the .xml files in shared_prefs to the new directory generated
I have Moto G7 Play running LineageOS. I had similar issue of the scan stopping when the app runs in the background... for wifi. Bluetooth was working fine, the issue only happened to my wifi scanning. I was able to fix the problem by deleting all "Saved networks" in my phone's wifi settings. I have to re-enter my home wifi credentials everytime I get done with a scan, but it fixed the problem

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