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The world is finding out - but can we convince google to build us a permission?

XDA Developers
Way down in the issue tracking thread is this note -
"Note: Apps holding android.Manifest.permission.NETWORK_SETTINGS permission are exempted from scan throttling."

Is it possible for the android app to obtain this permission?
Unfortunately not. android.Manifest.permission.NETWORK_SETTINGS is a system permission, regular apps can't use it without rooting and moving the app to the 'privileged' location or having it baked into a custom ROM.
Another google tracking issue to star and raise awareness:
my main device just got the 9 update, and it basically is now useless :shock:
It scans Bluetooth like crazy, but Wifi while driving is actually not working like this.

But as the list from the last scan stays, does it means i will report the position from this wifi´s while im moving? so reporting potentially totaly wrong positions? :shock:

Or does the Wigle App respects the "age" from the scan?
the position and signal strength get registered at the time the scan completes. It won't be "wrong" just far less complete than frequent scanning would provide.

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