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I am curious, but if I exit the program before uploading, what happen to all the data scanning wifi that I found?
they get lost or the program saves it before it exits.
the app updates an on-device database while it is running, so pending an exciting large range of hardware and software failure cases: the data is safe between restarts.
there's a placeholder in that database that lets the app know what the last thing uploaded was, so you don't need to upload every time you run it.
Should I be able to see previously discovered APs each time I restart WiGLE? Because I can't on my tablet or phone - I did on my phone for a short time but I'm not sure what changed.
They are in the database, you can do searches for them, and you see the total numbers in the DB at the top. We've had requests to show the last n networks found on the map when starting fresh, we should get that done. Or anyone could, since it's open source :)
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
More precisely you would say, anyone that know their way around Java could :wink:

I took a look at the code, but decided to back of quickly, Java really ain't my cup of tea.

I could possible help out with the Swedish translations, they are just horrible! (No offense meant) By the way, there is a bug in WiGLE-Android that makes it so that the Swedish translations flashes by, even though I've set the Language to English.

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