portable home-made war-driving gear

The gear needed for wardriving

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Postby zebul666 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:59 am


I just wanted to make use of some stuff laying around

So it's a rpi0 (no wifi) using a portable power bank and a USB hub with a wifi (n) card (TL-WN722N) and a GPS card (Vk-172, u-blox 7 chip)
It could be more portable and, sure, it's not as sexy as a Pwnagotchi

Running archlinux-arm, with kismet and gpsd, I got better result than with WigleWifi on my phone mainly because of the antenna, I guess. But no bluetooth (yet ?) or celllular antenna detection.

It comes with me in my car now ;-)
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I found this one on your twitter @wiglenet

https://twitter.com/wiglenet/status/122 ... 79072?s=20

Seems a rpi with a e-ink screen. I was hesitant to buy the BU-353-S4 because I read some bad report for it with linux (on gpsd device page ?)

Looks nicer than mine
We'll open-source that one if we ever get time to finish it.

hardware-wise, it's based on the "slim-a-gotchi" chassis from the pwnagotchi project
The Pandas card tunes fast without too much overhead in mon mode.

software-wise, we're using kismet and gpsd. We're working around the limitations of the pi Zero's lack of battery-backed clock by setting the time through a GPSD/NTP hack.

The only non-stock elements beyond that is disabling packet capture in kismet to conserve the pi Zero's limited processor power is a simple python script that interfaces with kismet and updates the eInk display, and hacks to start kismet on boot, make sure the wifi cards get consistent identifiers.

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