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Postby Droogz » Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:34 am

This is the script i use to start wardriving. It starts gpsd and then su's to the user i run kismet as. I would like to add some checking for gpsd and start it only if it needs to.

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#run-kismet #!/bin/sh tempdir="/home/USER/kismet" ethdev="eth0" usbdev="/dev/ttyUSB0" user="USER" group="GROUP" TERM=xterm export TERM /usr/local/bin/gpsd -p ${usbdev} # Set the ip to nothing /sbin/ifconfig ${ethdev} # Start kismet hopper /usr/local/bin/kismet_monitor -H # Make temp directories for kismet if [ ! -d ${tempdir} ]; then mkdir ${tempdir} 2> /dev/null chown ${user}:${group} ${tempdir} echo "Created Dir: ${tempdir}" fi # chdir to the temp dir before you start kismet cd ${tempdir} /bin/su ${user} -c /usr/local/bin/kismet
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