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I noticed the different sized access points on the app. These must be signal radius estimates. Is this the case, how do you measure? Is it possible to deduce these radious from query results from the Wigle API? I've seen this done with inverse distance weighting. They did it by feeding NetStumbling results into the algorithm. This required all the dB values as they are accumulated while sampling. That's a lot of data, I think the queries are just the points on the map. It would be cool if we could get this radius info as well, is this possible?

I know I am replying to my own post but when using the app I saw the radius of the hotspots was a little different from the image I saw of the app on the market. Each hotspot point was the same size but different colors. I was hoping for the overlapping circles of different sizes and a means of extrapolating the radius from the result set. This is a cool system. What a great resource.

I believe I will have to stumble on my own for that sort of detail?
The old map showed count at a certain location with size of circle, now it shows the count as an actual number. Some people like it either way, it will probably be an option to choose one or the other in a future release.
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