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The gear needed for wardriving

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Hi. This might not strictly be defined as wardriving since I'm not doing it from a car... but anyway.

I just recently moved into a new apartment. Much to my dissatisfaction the broadband providers have a hard time installing broadband in this particular house (gaah). I have managed to locate a couple of WEP networks in the area, and in certain angles of the apartment, my laptop can connect to one of the networks.

Now what I want to do is: place some kind of antenna on the windowsill, outside the apartment. I want to increase the strength of the networks I can reach, which will enable me to connect to more than one network. I will use an external wireless usb adapter with an RP-SMA connection or similr. My question is: What type of antenna shall I use? Yagi, Panel, Omni? Any special recommendations?

Also, how much cable can I use between antenna and laptop, without losing anything?

Thx for your time.
this isn't even remotely defined as wardriving.

unauthorized use of a network has nothing
to do with this hobby; ensure you have appropriate
permissions from network owners before using
their resources.

OK Uhtu. I stand corrected. I did a quick WIKI check on wardriving and found out that I actually need info from piggybackers instead. Wardrivers seem to be more like trainspotters :)

Thx. Bye.
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Well, I do not think what you are intending to say here is wardriving. After all, use of a network even in an unauthorized manner is unrelated with the hobby that you have iterated here. Anyway, I would advise you to check on the permissions before starting off with the resources.

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