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Postby diamond50 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:36 pm

Do they make or is it possible to know when wigle "pings" as i call it

Is there any such software to know if your router/network has been pinged and or mapped by a wigle app or product??

any such info would be greatly appreciated

Postby uhtu » Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:22 am

that isn't exactly, or even remotely how things work.

wigle^sm^tm^r^(c)^lol is a website, more or less.

various pieces of software for various devices (including one from us) listen passively for publicly broadcast radio signals
on several frequencies and correlate them.
some of those signals are cellphone tower broadcast beacons, some of them are IEEE 802.11 beacons,
and some are GPS/GLONASS/COMPASS signals from *space*.

these software packages (including our dashingly handsome WiGLE WiFi for android) gather up these correlated signals,
and record them to (sometimes) stable media. if people decide to do so, they send these records up to the wigle.net
website, where our vast and tireless army of kittens further correlates *those* highly disparate correlations,
and occasionally produces a new dot on a map.

at no point in this process of wildly incoherent coordinated correlation has a network (if there is one) been "pung" ("pinged", whatever.)

Great thing to be passive ! Will never be known ! Keep it passive.

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