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Scenario: I have a Motorola Xoom. It came with Android 3. I've run the WiGLE Wifi Wardriving app for quite some time, accumulating around 7000 networks (I think). Most of these, I've uploaded anonymously.

Android 4 comes out, I update my Xoom, things are a bit unstable. (Not with the WiGLE app, mostly with some other things.) So I decide to reset to 'factory defaults', which would reset the thing as a clean Android 4 tablet. Before I do this, I run the 'Backup Database' operation, which saves the database to a microSD card.

Now I've getting all my stuff set back up under a clean Android 4 slate on this Xoom, and I want to import my backed-up database...except I can't find an 'import backup' file anywhere; all I see are a bunch of exports, the 'Backup Database' option, and the 'Import Observed' which would have required me to not upload anonymously.

How do I import my backed-up database?
just swap out your backed up copy for the empty one (with the wigle app and service closed all the way down)


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