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Postby bigstape » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:01 pm

So I side-loaded Cyanogenmod 10 on my Razr Maxx. Why? Because Verizon doesn't want me to, that's why. Cyanogenmod generally performs better than stock roms, and I was expecting the same results while running wigle. This turned out not to be the case. On the same run on the same phone, Cyanogenmod 10 detected 526 networks, while the stock Ice Cream rom detected 707 networks. Meanwhile, my dedicated rig (EeePC, AWUS036NH, BU-353, Fab Corp. antenna) detected 2106 networks.

Anybody else have similar experiences with cyanogenmod?

Anybody know anything about tweaking wifi performance in an android rom?

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Postby nosht82 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:11 am

I have the same issue with CM 10.2 on a VZW Galaxy Nexus. I found that it never gets a GPS lock for some reason. All other apps Google Maps, games, Waze all get GPS data immediately, but Wigle can't for some reason. When I was using the factory ROM about a month ago it worked perfectly.

Edit: I'm stupid this was my fault. If you turn on privacy guard in CM for an app it blocks GPS. So that's some thing to check in CM 10.2. A months of scanning with no GPS data such a waste.

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