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Postby bigstape » Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:11 pm

I've just acquired a L-com HG2405U-NMO ... -connector, primarily because it fits this L-com magnetic mount HMA1-RSPA10 ... -connector which features a low-loss 195 series pigtail. I'm interested in the idea of testing different antennas by swapping them via the NMO connector.

Today I took this antenna out on my test course. As a reference, I ran this course recently with my mainstay MobileMark IMAG5-2400 from fab-corp and saw 950 APs. Today the L-com antenna saw 847 APs.

In the spirit of experimentation I swapped the HG2405U-NMO off the mount and replaced it with a PCTEL Maxrad - 150W Unity Gain Quarterwave Antenna w/162-174 MHz ... UTF8&psc=1 which is advertised as being 21" long but which I measure as 17" long. While the length is impressive compared to the other wifi mag-mount antennas I own, it isn't the correct size for the 2.4GHz wavelength, so I only saw 581 APs. I might get around to trying to trim the pctel down to the correct size.

So my quest for a better antenna continues.

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