WRT54G makes great Kismet drone, even in 2013!

The gear needed for wardriving

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I got bored stumbling with my iPhone4, so I thought I'd take it up a notch. My budget is $0, but fortunately I had a large stack of wrt54g, and several RP-TNC antennas. I spliced the powercords to the firewire port of my $0 Apple G4 PowerBook so that the drones wouldn't reboot when I stopped to get gas ;). works great, these things will run from 7volts and seem to have no issues with the 16volt FireWire DC.

I had almost instant success with kismet-drone on wrt54g under several older GPL firmwares like dd-wrt v23 mini and a binary from kismet using the broadcom closed source wl.o radio drivers, but i wanted something that supported injection and a current version of kismet (newcore). OpenWRT backfire uses the b43 driver and it works but there is not enough flash on non wrt54gs models to hold airbase-ng tool like I wanted. Openwrt attitude_adjustment doesn't work on wrt54gl at all because not enough ram. In the end I used current SVN openwrt compile with 2.6 kernel and was able to get it to fit by removing the web interface and doing all the interface setup with hard coded scripts.

a better alternative turned out to be patching the open-source Broadcom b43 firmware (open-fwwf) to generate radio ACKs for virtual MACs, and running several karma patched hostapd... I couldn't get MBSS going any other way (maybe it works in ddwrt or openwrt whiterussian with broadcom v4 driver, but since no injection, no point). i think there are still reliability issues with last published openfwwf ucode5.fw on this hardware, but for passive mode it is perfect, and gives the opportunity to skip FCS validation; I let kismet-server do that work.

Receive sensitivity seems excellent, Internet claims around -96dB, and the common availability of external antennas made it awesome for me. I was running 3 units at different hop speeds, but that turned out to be overkill with my antennas, 2 units more than gets the job done unless I specifically want to target client devices.

this frees up my other hardware for 5GHz operation... so many channels to scan, need as many devices possible until I can spend some money for new hardware.
Have sent you a pm, would greatly appreciate it if you are able to help me a bit further.

thank you

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