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Got the PM-understood. Looks like I have managed to get it working, by altering the DB fields, and then importing the data direct into the SGL database (so not using the dbsetup pre-formatted file). PHP scripts still look a bit borked. Once I understand it more, I'll put it on here for anybody else who intends to use it, on what I did, and anything else that needs to be considered.You can then comment on it.


For those interested it seems a WiGLE app update have changed the way data is stored in the local db (padding around each field). Thereby breaking the scripts.

Edit: Fix pushed to github a couple of days ago.
Bump! I've recently added/improved many features on the project.

New features:

  • "Overlapping Marker Spiderfier"
    Previously only one network would be shown if there were multiple with the same coordinates, now every network is shown.
    Turns out a huge amount of networks were hidden.
  • Support for "predefined searches"
    Do any advanced SQL query on the database, and have those queries available on a list on the map.
  • Customizable map themes
    Choose from an existing selection, make your own or download from a site like
  • More fine grained control over which dates to limit search to.
  • Improved styling, and various behind-the-scenes improvements.

Live version available at
Download + wiki at
Thanks very much for your work Znerox, unfortunately I seem to be having issues with date comparisons when importing from wigle.. do you have any idea what these 'strange' entries are in 'lastseen' might be, and maybe how we can stop these entries messing up our db's ;) ?

I don't know what those entries are, I haven't come across anything like that. With the newest app version, are you always getting some data in this format? I think you will have to ask the Wigle developers what this is.
It's now possible to run everything in self-contained Docker containers. All that is needed is Docker installed, and a single command will set up MySQL database, as well as web servers for both the map itself, and database management through phpmyadmin if needed.

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