Automatic upload python script for Kismet netxml data.

The gear needed for wardriving

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Hey all,

I've been uploading data here for about 4 years and decided to share some of the code I'm using to dump data from my wardriving rig. The machine is an Ubuntu 16.04 based minnowboard turbot ( with 6 alfa USB dongles running Kismet as a systemd service. The logs are dumped out every hour to wigle using a usb cellular hotspot device. The service is restarted and a fresh log file is created every hour and the script will check to see if there is a connection to the wigle API and copy the netxml data to a backup directory then pack the log files since the previous upload in a .tar.gz file for uploading, if the upload fails it will attempt uploading again on the next cycle.

I'm sure there are some problems with this code but I hope this will help some people out that are looking for a similar solution like I was when I wrote it.
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